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Use Cases: For Parents

How parents can use Connect to provide innovative support. 

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Connect enables parents looking for top-tier support for their children a way to access this.

From an award-winning team, our products enable students to vividly make the link from here to there. 

What do you do day to day and week to week to achieve a top score? How do you tackle the challenges you will face as a student? What's the best way to learn complicated content? How do you turn knowledge into results on the exam?

Our carefully selected team, having exceptional communication and teaching skills, as well as the top high school scores in Australia, is here to help your child answer these questions with purpose and confidence. 

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Parent Perspective

I'm convinced it would have been a less favourable outcome without Connect. I chose Connect Education because they have a proper structure, staffed by people who are high achievers themselves. As a parent, the Connect team has proven several times to respond to my queries very promptly and exceeded my expectations. A big thank you to the entire team for their effort, motivation and commitment to deliver affordable, top-quality coaching.

Henry Tan, Parent of Desiree, Mac.Robertson Girls’ School (ATAR 99.75)

How you can support your child.

  • ConnectAppAn online platform to get amazing questions, videos and feedback.
  • Connect SuperClasses. The best weekly tutoring and resources.
  • Connect Private. World-clas private tutoring.
  • Connect Notes. An all-in-one book for each subject to help students with content and exam strategy.
  • Connect Lectures. Compact, eye-opening once-off workshops that cover large sections of a course. 
  • Connect Insights. Our industry-leading blog and resources.
  • ConnectMail. Our fortnightly newsletter featuring relevant insights and new resources.